I love that you can have absolutely nothing else in common with someone but find out they also watch Shaaanxo’s vlogs daily or they’re also counting down to the Too Faced/Nikki Tutorials collaboration or that they too have spent countless hours looking for Kylie Lip Kit dupes. This sort of connection instantly gives you endless conversations to be had.

I love that my makeup appreciation has not only opened me up to be more accepting of peoples personal preferences and that there is no right or wrong but that it’s changed my mindset of being in “competition” with other girls or women (that seems to be imprinted on us somewhere along the way during high school) and that I will now happily and genuinely compliment anothers skill or talent.

I have started this blog to share my recommendations, my experiences, my regretful purchases and anything else I feel may be of interest to like minded people. Please feel comfortable to comment etc as I’d love to connect with anyone else on the same wave length.

Facebook: Makeup is my Muse

Instagram: @laurenbreemurphy

Email: laurenbreanne.murphy@gmail.com

Your face is what you're born with QUOTE





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