What brushes do you need to start your kit?

Brushes can make a world of difference when you’re trying to achieve a flawless face. I remember searching for my first makeup brushes with absolutely no idea of what I wanted or needed & I really didn’t want to have to spend a small fortune! When you’re trying to get more into makeup it helps to have an idea of where to start. It also never hurts to add to your collection if you’re like me and now can’t seem to get enough!


The brushes I can’t live without:

Flat Top Kabuki – I use mine for foundation everyday. Works perfectly to easily give you an even coverage, can use to either bounce or buff into the skin depending on the level of coverage you are after or what works best with that product.

RT Complexion Sponge – These are a must have, make sure you use them damp! They are super versatile, but my favourite things to use them for are blending out concealer under the eyes (I genuinely think nothing else works as well) and sometimes use it to set the same area with powder. Also if you want to clean up your contour they work well for “baking” – just dip straight into powder and apply.

Duo Fibre/Stippling – I love these brushes, they blend things so beautifully and give a natural looking but flawless finish thanks to their long sparse bristles. I use mine mostly for blending out liquid bronzer, contour or cream blush products.

Tapered Powder Brush– I use mine to set my under eye area, small enough to fit that area perfectly and give a nice light dusting of powder so as not to end up creasing.

Fluffy Powder Brush – This will evenly distribute powder for a light and airy finish& set everything in place (which is essential for stay power).

Angled Blush Brush – I use mine for powder blush, to give a soft wash of colour. The angled brush has a flexible head which makes it easier to control the amount of colour applied.

Eye Shadow Blending Brush – This is completely essential for any eye shadow look. I use this everyday to create a “transition” shade through and above my crease. I also use it to diffuse any darker shadows once I place the colour.

Crease Precision Blender Brush – This is a more recent favourite of mine. It is a little smaller & more dense which works well to add more dimension to the eye in the crease, outer V area and I sometimes use it under my lower lash line. It adds slightly more concentrated colour while still blending it out!

My Finger – I will often use my finger to apply my lid eye shadow colour particularly if its something with a bit of a shimmer, it works perfectly well and is totally free! Otherwise I will use a Flat Shader brush for my lid colour but its not a necessity.

My Top Picks for Starter Kits:

Morphe 12 Piece Set $49.99 USD

Morphe Limited Editon – That Bling Set 7 Piece $99 USD

XO Beauty Flat Face Brush $29.89

Best of Sigma Brush Set $92

Jessup 15pc Brush Set $20.88


Good to know:

Dense short bristles with minimal movement = Good to place and pack colour (e.g. to smudge a lash line or place a sharp contour. Would not use for something like blush.

The more dense and short the bristles, the more concentrated the colour will show up.

Long, soft more sparse bristles with good movement = Good for blending, will distribute the colour over a larger area making it less concentrated.

Will often start by placing the colour with a dense brush and then blending it with a long soft bristled brush.


Quick Tips:


When blending (eye shadow especially) hold the brush further down the handle and use a very light hand. This allows the brush to do its job as its designed (This took me a long time to get used to but makes such a big difference).

Wash your brushes regularly! – I will be writing a blog post on how I wash my brushes soon!

Kim Makeup Brushes Meme


I hope you found this helpful & you are able to try some new brushes! Thank you so much for reading.



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