How To: Clear skin tips & my favourite skin saving products

Skin Type: Normal/Dry

Leading up to my wedding (30th July!), I am being much more conscious of what I’m doing to keep my skin breakout free and as clear as possible. There are a number of things I’ve found that make a huge difference that can easily be neglected. So I thought I would share those as well as a few favourite skin saving products of mine!

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Watch what you are eating. Just be aware of how your skin reacts when you are being a little more indulgent with your food choices. I personally find my skin responds well to foods like salmon and avocado as well as spinach and berries. This makes more of a difference than any product.Berries

Drink water like its your job. I drink only tea and water most of the time. I personally aim for 2-3 liters a day. Just work out how much you need depending on your weight. It makes such a huge difference to your skin and once you make this a habit you wont know how you went so long without.


Wash your hands directly before applying moisturizer, primer etc. anything where you are touching your face! Seems obvious but now I am much more conscious if I touch anything else (such as put the kettle on) I re-wash my hands before touching my face.
clean hands

Clean your phone screen, whether you pick it up and hold it against your face or if you just touch your screen with your fingers it picks up so much because most of us bring it absolutely everywhere with us and mindlessly touch it more than anything else!


Same goes for your work space, for me I try to keep my keyboard clean especially as once again this just ends up picking up so much without us even realizing.


Don’t touch your face when you can help it. Try not to lean on your hand which is a common one which is often done again without noticing. I remember hearing this on Keeping up with the Kardashians and I have to say it can take some time to get used to but it genuinely makes a difference.

no touch

Clean your makeup brushes – I know its a total chore but it makes such a big difference to your skin and also to how your makeup applies!

makeup brushes

Wash your pillow case – this is something I have started doing a lot more often and definitely feel it helps a lot. I know there’s also actual pillow cases you can get that are made to help with your skin and even slow down things like wrinkles so that intrigues me as well!


Skin Laundry Pillowcase

White Lotus Anti Aging Pillowcase


My Favourite Skin Saving Products

Mario Bedescu

Mario Bedescu Drying Lotion – I have been using this for a long time. I find it works best to apply before bed at the early signs of a break out and it will sort it out for you much more quickly. You just dip a cue tip all the way to the bottom of the bottle and apply as a spot treatment. Note: The solution separates (that’s how it’s supposed to be used – don’t shake it).

rosehip oil

Rosehip Oil – I usually use this at night, this helps with any scarring and I always wake up thinking my skin looks much healthier after using this. I always take my time to really massage this into my skin and increase circulation as well. Don’t be afraid of oils, they work wonders.

charcoal mask

Origins Charcoal Mask – I love this and have recommended it to many friends, it always leaves my skin feeling smooth and assists with little breakouts. Just apply a thin even layer, let it dry and wash with warm water.

mask face

This is a photo my fiance Jordan took of me wearing my Origins Charcoal Mask on a “maintenance night” I had a while back. – Thanks for this little gem Jordan.

REN cleansing balm

REN Purity Cleansing Balm– My beautiful bestie recently told me she was advised by a dermatologist that using makeup wipes as so many of us do is actually like dragging a whole lot of tiny knives across your face. Since hearing this I have cringed every time I used one. So I went and purchased this cleansing balm which smells like a spa and you just rub it into your skin and over your eyes.You use it straight on dry skin, it breaks down the makeup and then you use warm water and the little fabric towelette it comes with to wipe it all away. Very effective and more gentle on the skin.

origins mask

Origins Drink Up Overnight Mask– I have a whole review on this product I love it so much, it smells amazing and hydrates thirsty skin overnight. Origins Drink Up Mask Review



I hope you’ve enjoyed these little tips & try out some of these amazing products!! Thanks for reading.



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