Workout Durable Makeup:

For the organised & ambitious – when not having time to workout is just not an option!

Disclaimer: Of course it’s not ideal to wear makeup to workout. However, I prefer to fit my workout into my day (e.g. Lunch break, before/after work)  rather than miss out! I’m sure many of you can relate.

I started training with a Personal Trainer about a year and a half ago with the incomparable & irreplaceable Robert McMaster recently named in Brisbane’s Best Personal Trainers.  You can check him out on instagram: @1rm_training & we train in the Fate Fitness Studio in Brisbane CBD but he’s also a Co-Owner at Stepz Ashgrove. I was very lucky because my fiance Jordan (pictured with Rob above right) was actually the one who started training with Rob and after meeting him I felt comfortable (something Rob is particularly gifted in is making you feel comfortable & making things fun!) to give training a go myself after many years of doing absolutely nothing physical.  I originally started training to get prepared & feel good for my wedding but it soon became my favourite part of my week (after the initial shock to my system) and now it’s just not an option to miss it. It was absolutely one of the best decisions I have made.  Having the right trainer can be the difference between dreading your workout or looking forward to it!

Post PT sesh selfie

Shameless post gym selfie. Hair is another story but my eyeliner & brows are still in tact as well as my foundation and blush staying streak free. Usually I’ll have a quick shower (without getting my face or hair wet) then the only touch ups that are required once I’ve cooled down and once I’m no longer sweaty is blot away any moisture left and re-set my face with translucent powder, setting spray, then add mascara to my bottom lashes and usually add  a nude lipstick. However on days I’m in more of a rush I’ve also been known to skip these touch ups.

So let’s get into what I actually do to keep my face on through working out!

Apply your foundation in a thin layer (a little thinner than you usually would) and spend a little more time blending it into the skin. I use Maybelline FIT Me Matte & Poreless foundation. I also find matte foundations usually have better stay power.

If you use concealer use the same principle as mentioned above for foundation, a little less than usual and blend out really well. I use LA Girl Pro Concealer in the shade Natural.

Use a transparent powder to set your concealer in place straight after blending it out to avoid creasing. I use RCMA No Color Powder.

Before setting the rest of your face I prefer to use a cream contour/bronzer (I use LA Girl Pro Concealer in the shade Almond) I apply a small line or dots where I usually contour (around forehead, hollows of the cheek bones and sometimes jaw line) and blend out well using a duo fiber brush.

If you’d like to wear blush you could do the same as we did with bronzer and use a cream before we set the face with powder. I like the NARS Multiple sticks, I use the shade Orgasm and I use a duo fiber brush to take the product from the stick  instead of drawing it straight onto my cheeks.

The reason I prefer creams over my usual powder bronzers & blushes is that when you have beads of sweat dripping down your face inevitably when your PT gives you extra burpees, it can almost draw lines through your coloured powders but creams stay steak free.

Then set your whole face with translucent powder once finished with liquids/creams.

For brows I personally use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Medium Brown or Taupe and find this doesn’t budge all day no matter what I do!

For eye shadow, I stick to a classic transition shade like a pale brown/orange just to give a bit more definition to my eyes and depending on the day I’ll add a pale shimmery lid. I love my Morphe 350 Palette.

Now, I don’t feel like myself without a winged liner so I always add this using my Maybelline Hyper Sharp liquid liner pen. I have tried other liquid liners and they have just never held up & usually end up crumbling or running.

I finish off with a mascara (none in particular) but I only do a light coat and I don’t put any on the lower lashes as these tend to smudge more. If you have longer lashes that touch your lid you may want to use a waterproof or skip it.

I also always use some type of face spray, my favourite is Mac Fix Plus – I use some beforehand and I refresh my face afterwards as well.


DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE– at the very most, lightly dab your forehead with your towel to prevent sweat dripping down your face but for the most part do not touch your face. Don’t wipe sweat away from your eyes especially!


Flynn and I

Bonus sweaty post boot camp selfie with Rob (& the sunning Kyrie’s)  adorable son Flynn ❤

I hope you enjoyed and found this helpful! Thank you for reading 🙂






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