Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette


4 High Pigment Highlighting Shades

Note: Not tested on animals

Lauren Sleek Collage

When I went to write this blog post literally all I could think to say is “YOU NEED THIS” I stand by this statement and have since seen many beauty guru’s & YouTube go-to’s rave about this palette. I had my 26th birthday recently and one of my beautiful & also makeup obsessed friends gifted me this little gem (Thanks Iuli!). We were out for dinner and drinks but I opened it immediately regardless. I was instantly wowed and could not wait to play with this as soon as possible. It swatched beautifully and I giddily looked at the glistening swipe on my hand all night!

You get 4 truly stunning shades, my favourite being the peachy shade named Equinox, it shows up so radiant and bright but somehow still natural! They are all surprisingly pigmented and buttery with a luminous sheen rather than any chunky glitter. I honestly haven’t reached for any other highlighter since owning this.


Includes 2 baked powders, one cream and one silky shimmer.

Ecliptic – top left cream based icy  pale pink

Subsolar – bottom left pale yellow silky shimmer satin finish

Hemisphere – top right slightly cool toned pink/lavender powder

Eqiunox – bottom right warm peachy champagne powder (my personal fav)

I usually use an over sized fluffy eye shadow blending brush to apply or I use my Morphe fan brush. I personally apply to the tops of my cheekbones, a little on the bridge of my nose (personally prefer the look of this on myself rather than on the tip nose which I find makes it look longer), above my brow and also on the cupids bow.

I also love the packaging with the very pretty gold compact and mirror, this looks much more luxurious than you would expect for the price tag.

I went to Target to see if I could get another one/what other magnificent products Sleek had available and while they only had 1 Solstice palette left I was surprised that it was only $24.95.

Sleek Swatches

I hope you enjoyed my review of the Sleek Solstice palette and if you are lucky enough to find one in stock, get your hands on it, you wont regret it!




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