My favourite lessons learned through YouTube


I have been watching YouTube videos for years, not sure exactly how long or what got me started but I have a feeling it was likely thanks to my bestie Jess, so thanks for that babe x

lauren and jess

I think overall YouTube has helped me understand what I personally prefer and it has helped me accept my obsession and connect with like minded people (hence creating this blog!).

So lets get into it, my favourite lessons learned through YouTube are:

I am not the only one who matches their foundation colour to their fake tanned body. This was a lot more comforting than you would expect, but I had been defending my foundation shade choices for years and watching the likes of Shaaanxo & Jaclyn Hill acknowledging “yes I’m aware this shade is darker than my actual face, I’m matching it to my body” was like YES! This is what I’ve been trying to say!

shaaanxo no tan

Set everything with powder & finishing spray. Especially concealer! Liquids and creams will move & seperate if not set. This is why you end up with creasing under your eyes and in laugh lines etc. Setting with powder will help this substantially. At the moment I use the RCMA No Colour Powder & I love using something like Mac Fix + to finish as it helps to almost melt everything together and help with not looking powdery.

There is no “right or wrong” just personal preference. Some of my favourite quotes that embody this are from Wayne Goss “It’s just makeup, at the end of the day it washes off” and Manny MUA “If you don’t like this video or you don’t like me, please just don’t  f***ing watch it” said with a charming smile, as the perfect reminder that this is a place for fun and you have chosen to click into this video!

Preparation is key – I remember wondering why sometimes fake tan, foundation or my nails just wouldn’t quite work for me. Then I realized I often wasn’t quite following the products instructions. Exfoliate before fake tanning, start your makeup with a smooth clean base, file and buff your nails before applying nail polish. Even a really great product can’t undo improper preparation!


The purpose of Lip Liner. I remember the days of not understanding why anyone would need a lip pencil or lip brush when you can apply lipstick straight from the tube. Those days are gone. Once you discover the difference lip liner can make to how sharp and defined your lip line is and how long wearing the colour is (especially if you colour in the whole lip) you can never go back!

lip liner

Just because someone else is beautiful doesn’t make you less beautiful. This got a bit deeper than I initially thought it would but I think this has been one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned/am still learning.

Going Bare – Seeing other girls bare faced and unapologetic was almost therapeutic. This was something I genuinely needed to work on personally and being mislead to believe I was not normal without makeup was terribly damaging. I was sick of seeing girls pretend that they weren’t wearing makeup when they were. It was refreshing to see girls start their videos fresh faced and no BS.

Yes to Beauty Sponges. I don’t think I even knew these existed before YouTube. I remember seeing Jaclyn Hill using a beauty blender and immediately finding somewhere online to get one from. I am so glad I did, I now use the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge ( as it’s easier to get in AUS, more affordable and I prefer the way it feels/blends. They really do change the game. I can’t imagine doing my makeup without one now, I’ve even bought one for my mum and gotten my sister onto them.

RT Sponge


Other “side effects” I’ve noticed from watching YouTube videos:

Empowered to do what I want to do – It’s encouraged me to start this blog and spend more time doing what I enjoy!

Feeling a sense of  solidarity from the beauty community when you get the unavoidable sly  comments such as “why do you wear so much makeup”.  *insert eye roll*

Talking about the people you watch on YouTube with friends as if they’re part of your friendship circle.. E.g “Yeah actually, Shannon tried that she said its really good!


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed! Please leave a comment and let me know I’m not alone or let me know your favorite lessons learned from YouTube!!




One thought on “My favourite lessons learned through YouTube

  1. Many girls think youtubers are beautiful and sexy which is why they find it so natural to talk confidently on camera… But many of them are just like us..normal girls having real life issues just like we go through…Youtube has been quite a positive experience for me as well..Glad you considered these simple small things that people normally do not and shared with the world!!


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