How To: Apply False Lashes


False lashes can take your makeup to the next level and really tie together the look you’re going for. The problem is false lashes can be a nightmare to apply. I know I can’t be the only one that has had their buttons pushed to the point of almost crying, stamping feet and forced deep breathing when trying to apply my lashes.

False lash meme

Since I have gone through this frustration first hand I thought I would share with you the tips that have changed this experience for me and hopefully you can skip the part where you are cursing your lash glue under your breath.


Choose your lashes – Personally I like to use a wispy style lash, I also really like lashes with clusters. Some of my favourites are:


Chi Chi lashes

Chi Chi Faux Power Lashes ($12.95 Target) – These are the all time easiest lashes I have ever applied. I have worn these in the day even without liner to hide the band. These are what I go for when I know I need something quick and easy and I really love the look of them.

Red Cherry 48s

Red Cherry #48 Lashes (from $2.99 prices can vary) – Red Cherry lashes are awesome because they have  such a huge range of styles and are very affordable. I find mine on Madame Madeline These ones are a little more dramatic looking  but still easy to apply and not over the top.

Ardell Wispies

Ardell Wispies Lashes $10.99- These are probably the most well-known and widely used lashes. They are nice and natural looking and open the eye really nicely for a girly pretty look. I will often just pick up a few pairs when they’re on sale.


Preparation – I usually am applying lashes as my last step so I have my eye makeup done including my winged liner (I find it easier to hide the lash band if you’re wearing liner). Curl your lashes if you like to do this. Leave your mascara until right before you plan to apply your lashes (this makes your natural lashes less stiff when making adjustments). I also like to wiggle the false lashes at the band a little to make them more flexible. Another trick if the band is quite stiff is to wrap it around a makeup brush for a few minutes.

Measure & Trim – This is a step I honestly used to skip and it makes me cringe to look back at my old photos. To measure your lashes gently remove them from their packet 1 at a time  (peel from the outer edge slowly) and drop onto your existing lashes, move it so you have the inner corner sitting where you want it and see how much extra there is hanging over the outer edge of your eye. I always pick it up from that spot and trim with scissors.

dog lashes meme

Adhesive – The best glue I have found is by House of Lashes, I prefer a white glue that dries clear as the black ones can make a mess on your eye lid. Glue makes such a huge difference, this one is my favourite because it gets tacky so quickly. Tacky glue makes it much easier to ad just your lash. If the glue is still wet and slippery it will slide all over the place and make wont stay where you place it. Apply a thin line across the band of the lash make sure to get the inner and outer corners of the band as this is where the lash could come loose. The key really is to allow the glue to get tacky.

HOL Glue

Angle – Either tilt your head back so your eyes are almost closed/you can see your lash line and lid space but you can still see, or try putting a mirror either on a table or angled below you so you can look down into it. This helps a lot rather than trying to close your eye to apply and see what you’re doing at the same time.

Adjust – You can use your fingers for this, however if you have longer nails this can be a little tricky so I use my lash tweezers (they look like big tweezers but without the ends being sharp) Adjust starting with the outer edge first and then the inner corner.

Lash applicator edited

This is what my eyelash tweezers look like, I just picked mine up from Mecca.

Squeeze – I always gently squeeze the lashes together with my natural lashes to get them as close to my lash line as possible and blend them with my natural lashes.

Lashes left to right

Left to Right: Chi Chi Faux Power, Red Cherry 48’s, Ardell Wispies

The more you practice the easier this will get. Keep in mind there will still be days that will be more frustrating than others. I still struggle with thick band lashes like the much loved Iconic Lashes by HOL so I will keep practicing and let you know if I find anything that makes applying those easier.

Before I was comfortable doing my own I used to just do my own makeup and book into somewhere like Napoleon just for lash application. They only charged me for the cost of the lashes and would apply them for me so I didn’t need to stress. Then I could use that pair to practice with which was easier as they were already trimmed and shaped to my eye.

I hope this has been helpful! Please leave any comments with tips you may have or if you’ve tried any of these tips. Thanks for reading.



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