Gerard Cosmetics – Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks


Gerard Cosmetics logo
One brand that is mentioned a whole lot on YouTube is Gerard Cosmetics. I think every YouTuber that I watch religiously has mentioned them at some point and I was really interested to see if they live up to all the hype. Make sure to check their Insta before purchasing as they literally always have some sort of discount code written in the comments of their photos.

About Gerard Cosmetics:

  • Gluten Free & Cruelty Free
  • Unique and always growing shade selection
  • Discount codes and Product Bundles always available check their Instagram!
  • Very long shipping time (4+ weeks) to Aus
  • Come out with new  products quite often
  • Do a lot of collaborations with such YouTubers as Shaaanxo and Manny MUA.
  • Products they offer: Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks, Lipsticks, Supreme Lip Cremes, Lip Glosses, Setting Sprays, Eye brow products, Highlighters, Liquid eye liner and BB creams.


Today I have 5 of the liquid lipsticks to review and swatch for you.


Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Cost: $20 (I always use one of their bundle discount codes – as if we’re only going to want 1 right?)

Sale Tab: 4 for $45 or 3 for $35

Note: They’re $16.80 AUD each on Beauty Bay and free shipping on orders over $28

Would I recommend? Yes

The claim: Comfortable and ultra long wearing, opaque and matte finish.

lined up

Top to Bottom: Immortal, Mercury, Ecstasy, Serenity & Aphrodite

I absolutely love these and have already re-purchased. I feel they live up to their claim of being opaque, matte, comfortable & long wearing. The first one I tried was Serenity which is an extremely wearable mid tone pink created in collaboration with Manny MUA. I was immediately impressed and bought several more not only for myself but for my best friend for her birthday. I wore Mercury on Christmas day. Absolutely perfect statement lip.The staying power is unreal for every one of these liquid lipsticks. Mercury stayed on all day even with the obscene amount of drinking and eating I took part in on our 3 stop Christmas day with minimal touch ups. These are what I always pick up when choosing makeup for an event. My most worn shade is Aphrodite, I always prefer peachy toned nudes and I’m often asked what I’m wearing on my lips when I wear this. Its my fail safe and go to.

Immortal – Deeper true blood red

Mercury – Very bright orange based red

Ecstasy – Purple with neutral undertones

Serenity – Warm pink with hints of brown

Aphrodite – Opaque peach based nude

imageSerenity, Ecstasy & Immortal lip swatches

  • Incredible stay power even with drinking and eating
  • Don’t bleed, smudge or crack (no need for lip liner) – extremely important especially for bright or dark colours
  • Dry matte/semi matte and slightly darker
  • Will show up the lines in your lips a bit
  • Make sure you’ve prepped your lips with a scrub for best results
  • Put a lip balm on while doing the rest of your makeup
  • They are drying but not uncomfortably so
  • Cute packaging, gold lid with frosted tube
  • Smaller than I expected


Wearing Mercury on Christmas Day

Bridal Shower Hair

Wearing Aphrodite at my Bridal Shower

Overall I will continue to purchase the Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks and am keen to try some other colours! I believe they’ve now brought out Supreme Lip Cremes and I definitely want to get my hands on their SLAY all day setting spray that comes in intriguing scents like peach and green tea. I hope you enjoyed this post and that the swatches were helpful!


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