Glamsmile Veneers – My Experience

Would I recommend? Yes


I know this isn’t exactly a “makeup” related post but it is still a cosmetic change and it is something I feel made a huge difference for me, so just thought I would share my experience.


The decision to get veneers was something I had thought about for years. I think what pushed me to finally do it was getting engaged. One of my main concerns was the positioning of my teeth, I thought I was going to have to get braces which was extremely unappealing to me at 25 and now engaged. I had always felt uncomfortable smiling or laughing. I always covered my mouth or covered my face and I didn’t want to feel like that on my wedding day.


I went for 2 consultations at 2 different dentists. One that offered Glamsmile and one that didn’t. The one that didn’t told me I could get normal porcelain veneers (for about $1400 a tooth) but that I likely would get better results with braces and whitening.  Being the impatient and cost cautious person that I am, I wasn’t terribly satisfied with those options.


So I went away and did some more research online, read about Glamsmile veneers and loved what I saw. So I looked for my nearest dentist that offered Glamsmile. I came across Brisbane Smile Center and met with Dr. Tony Cassimatis. My initial consult was very short because I had read so much online, I didn’t have many unanswered questions. I mainly wanted to know if it was possible to get the results I wanted with my teeth specifically. He assured me it would work and explained a few things about Glamsmile.


The difference with Glamsmile veneers is that they’re still made from porcelain like traditional veneers but they’re made much thinner. So you don’t have to have much if any of your natural tooth filed away which means if you wanted to you could change your mind and take them off (he mentioned this has never happened). As well as the added bonus of it being only $750 per tooth instead of $1400 and they offered a payment plan to make it more affordable. I had pretty much decided on it by the time I walked out.

Dental before & after

The next step was to come in for my impressions of my teeth, my before photos and to discuss what I didn’t like about my smile and what I was hoping for in the end result. I decided on 6 teeth, on the top row (the ones that are mainly visible when smiling).Then they sent me an email with what the veneers should look like for me to approve before they send away to have them made (which takes about 4 weeks).


Then the next step was actually applying the veneers. I was genuinely surprised at how quick and easy this part was. There was absolutely no pain and I was holding the mirror looking at my new smile in no time. I was in and out in 45 minutes and even went out to breakfast with friends afterwards.


The only concerns I had afterwards was that they felt big in my mouth. A bit like a was wearing a mouth guard all the time and that it kind of felt like I had cement on the back of my teeth. However this passed, I just needed to adjust, of course they felt big because they were bigger than my teeth (that’s what I asked for!) and the cement feeling didn’t last. I then came back 2 weeks later just for a check-up, and to take my after photos. They were also kind enough to gift me some wine to congratulate me on my new smile!


The immediate cosmetic improvements I saw were:

Colour – I also opted for Zoom whitening before getting my veneers to give them the best chance of staying white. I also took Dr Cassimatis’s advice and didn’t go too white. He explained a lot of people request to go too white and it just ends up looking fake and like something out of inspector gadget. I am very glad I listened to him.

Inspector Gadget Teeth

Positioning – This was a main concern of mine and is why I thought I was going to need braces, but we were able to correct them to appear all straight and natural looking.


Gaps – I had quite a few gaps that people would often comment on. My “vampire teeth” they were called and we were able to fix that up so there were no longer any unattractive gaps.


Ongoing non-cosmetic changes I noticed:

Laughter –It’s incredible the things we put up with thinking it doesn’t make that much of a difference. I used to cover my mouth or face all the time when laughing or smiling and now I am free to laugh and smile much more often and not have to have that voice in my head saying “oh quick cover your teeth!”. What an amazing feeling every time I laughed and realized I wasn’t doing that to myself any more.


Photos – Again, I had trained myself to either not smile or smile with my mouth closed for photos. I am much happier to be in and take photos now which I am sure I will appreciate even more when I am older looking back at memories.


Confidence – Confidence makes an incredible difference, obviously in how you feel yourself but also in how others see and treat you. I carry myself differently now, just a little but enough for me to notice that people smile at me more, strangers compliment me more and I even feel more confident to speak up in meetings at work, probably in turn making people at work feel I am more competent (hopefully haha).


I really hope this has been helpful. I’ve really come to realize that you only get one body, why not be as happy and comfortable in it as possible so you can spend your energy on more important things!




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