Maybelline FIT me Matte & Poreless Foundation – Review


Maybelline FIT me foundation

30ml $18.95

4 stars

Would I recommend? Yes

Skin Type: Normal/Dehydrated

I am always looking for amazing foundations. They can make such a big difference to your look if you find the right one for you. This foundation is matte which can be drying but I personally still find this very comfortable to wear and I tend to gravitate toward matte over dewy even though I have normal to dry skin as I find they last longer and I can just go nuts with my highlighters, which I love to do. This has been my favourite foundation of 2015 and I’m sure I will continue to use it well into 2016. I wear it every day to work and it is just a fail-safe.

I hate looking in the mirror when you get home and thinking “this is not what I looked like when I left the house!”. This foundation still looks great by the end of the day. It doesn’t wear off around my hair line or chin where I’m always touching and it doesn’t separate. If anything it maybe gets a little oily just in the creases around my nose but definitely not noticeably.

As for colour matching I tend to change colour a lot myself as I am always at a different level of fake tan. So I tend to buy 2 shades. One that will match when I have no tan on (shade 120) and one that will match when I am freshly fake tanned (shade 220). Then I mix them to create my own custom shades.

I find this foundation has a medium/full build able coverage, which I like for work. I have always loved full coverage foundations but I wear quite a thin layer of this for work and it looks beautiful, it still covers redness but you can still see freckles a little bit just peeking through.

It is really easy to work with which is important to me. Mainly because if I’m half asleep in the morning getting ready I don’t want to find a jaw line foundation mess in the mirror when I go to the bathroom 3 hours later.

I personally mix my colour on the back of my hand then use my flat top foundation brush to apply, bouncing up and down rather than swiping to get the best coverage. I then use my real techniques beauty sponge to bounce it into the skin and blend it out seamlessly. This foundation last all day for me. I usually get ready in the morning about 6am and come remove it about 7pm. I also often have a gym session or boot camp after work and it stays on for that as well.

It also has minimal transfer. Some foundations I have tried transfer terribly. Like when you give someone a hug and leave half your face on their shoulder! I absolutely hate that and this one doesn’t do that. I never even think about it when I’m wearing it. Although, I do always wear a primer and set it with powder which I do with all my foundations.

The only thing I do not like about this foundation is the fact that it doesn’t have a pump. It drives me nuts that I have to pour it out onto the back of my hand every day and end up wasting a lot of it. It also makes it a lot harder to measure my colours when I mix them together.


The foundation claims to have “Blotting micro powders absorbs oil for a matte finish. Lightweight blur technology erases pores for an airbrushed look.” I don’t know if it quite erases my pores but it definitely doesn’t exaggerate them and while it’s not the most matte foundation I’ve ever tried, it does have a beautiful skin-like finish.

MakeUp before & after

Before and after using the Maybelline FIT me Matte & Poreless foundation.


I would definitely recommend this foundation if you like a decent amount of coverage that still looks like skin, something that won’t come off on your friends shoulder and something that will look the same when you get home as when you left the house.

I hope this has been helpful for anyone either looking for a nice and affordable foundation or anyone wanting to know a bit more about this particular product before purchasing yourself. J


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