How To – Winged Eye Liner

Maybelline HyperSharp Wing Liquid

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Winged eye liner has been my favourite part of makeup for as long as I can remember. It somehow transforms you into a more confident version of yourself and I personally think that is nothing to scoff at. I became determined to learn how to do winged eye liner while still in high school. I tried a lot of different products, watched a lot of how to videos, and now I wear it almost every day.


What I found while I was learning (and am still learning every day) is that while almost everyone has a slightly different way that worked for them, there are a few key things that stayed the same for most.


  1. Practice – be patient, try not to get frustrated.
  2. Hold the brush/pen/applicator to the side/horizontally rather than straight out with the tip to your eye.
  3. Stabilize – rest your pinkie finger on your cheek to keep your hand as still as possible.
  4. Breathe – sounds funny but take a deep breath in and slowly out right before applying and remember to stop and breathe if you are struggling.

Eyeliner meme

Now, this tip I find differs depending on your preference but I will explain mine.


  1. Start in the middle of your eye rather than the inner corner.


My reasoning for this is when you first apply to your eye you will have the most product on your applicator, this makes it much easier to accidentally make it too thick straight away. If you make it too thick on the inner corner you’ll find yourself having to make it too thick the whole way along your eye. If you make it too thick in the middle/outer portion of your eye that part will end up being covered by the actual wing and it won’t matter if it was a bit too thick to begin with. Then go back and do the inner corner when there is not much product left of the applicator.


  1. Another preference I have that I changed after wearing winged liner for about a year is do your liner before mascara.


I’m not sure where I learned my original order for this but once I changed it, eye liner got a whole lot easier.


Now my most recent change and feature of my current eye liner routine is the actual product that I use. I have always preferred liquid, but not all are created equal (especially when you’re learning).


  1. Maybelline Hyper Sharp Wing Liquid pen.

I picked mine up from Priceline one day just because it was on special. I’m always on the hunt for affordable easy to use liners, usually to recommend to my beautiful mum as she has asked me a number of times to show her how I get my eye liner like I do. This pen really impressed me straight away and is by far the most stress free, fool proof liquid liner that I have tried.


The main thing I love about this product is that it has a thin side and a thick side. Now, I have used liners that have claimed this before and I think the reason they didn’t work is they didn’t have the firmness. It needs to be firm enough that when you press it to your eye it doesn’t bend. This Hyper Sharp pen does exactly that. I always use the thin side of the pen to draw along my lash line (starting from the middle) and then use the thick side to draw and fill in my wing, starting from the outer most edge of my top lash line drawing up in the direction of the tail of my brow and then releasing pressure as you get to the tip to keep it sharp. Then connect it to your lash line and carefully fill it in. Then smooth over the line where you’ve connected the wing to the lash line.

How to Winged Eye Liner steps

BIG TIP| Do not fiddle or tinker for too long!

Don’t expect them to be 100% identical! Trust me on this.


More about Maybelline Hyper Sharp


I thought it was worth mentioning that it also lasts all day. I get ready most mornings and apply my eye liner around 6am and I don’t remove it until I’m home and have made dinner, depending on the day at about 7.30pm. I also wear this to my Personal Training sessions that I have after work (yes, it’s more effort to remove it than leave it on) and it stays on like a real trooper. It doesn’t run, smudge or wear off. Now mind you, I’m not rubbing my eyes through my session but I definitely sweat throughout and can feel the beads of sweat running down my face but the eye liner always stays put.

After Gym Selfie

[Here’s an after gym selfie just to show you how well it stays put]

Well I hope that this has been somewhat helpful. I for one could never go back after learning how to do this and I hope I’ve helped someone make those steps today!


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