Bellami Clip In Extensions – Review & How I style my hair


160g 20” $239.99 USD/$319.33 AUD


Would I recommend? Yes

Hair Type: Fine


Whenever I have an event I always like to step it up in the hair department. I am definitely one of those girls that is always happy to do a full face of makeup and then ends up wearing my hair in a bun or pony 90% of the time.


I’ve never been great at styling hair but as I’ve gotten older and my hair becomes thinner and more damaged it has become more and more difficult to wear out.


Over the weekend I had my bridal shower and I was so excited to wear my Bellami clip in extensions again and I always get so many compliments when wearing them so I felt that I should share!

Bridal Shower Hair

I chose the Piccolina 160g 20” set by Guy Tang in #8/#60 ( which is like an ash brown/ash blonde ombre. Bellami has more colour choices and collaborations than any other brand I looked at. I really believe they have something that would suit everyone. I received mine as an early Christmas present and I wore them for Christmas, New Year’s Eve and love to wear them to pretty much any event that I can.


I honestly used to stress about styling my hair for such events as I get tired of wearing a bun all the time and feel it doesn’t always photograph well. As I have thin, fine hair it doesn’t matter how long I spend straightening or curling as after a couple hours I will have lost all volume, curls will have dropped and I will hate whatever photos have been taken.


I have tried micro bead extensions, weft extensions and tape extensions and what I’ve found was that for me, it was just far too much hassle and effort on a daily basis. The amount of time it took me to wash, blow dry and straighten my hair (which I had to do for it to look nice) was just ridiculous. Not to mention I found my hair was much more damaged especially after weft extensions.


So I decided on clip in extensions for myself and I highly recommend if you like the ease of shorter hair day to day but like to step it up when you feel like it.


Once I received mine I took out the tester strip of hair they give you to check the colour match and I was very surprised at how well they match considering my hair is so many different shades of brown and blonde. Once I knew I was happy with the colour I took them in to my hair dresser who for the price of a normal style cut put them in for me and cut them to blend perfectly with my hair.


How I style my Bellami Clip In Extensions:


I personally tend to always wear them with a sort of effortless wave type of look which is quite easy to do as it doesn’t need to be precise and still looks nice once my natural hair curls drop a bit.

Bellami Hair

I always wash and blow dry my natural hair and run a straightener through it just to handle any fly away hairs. Then I start with a section at the base of my hair around where my ears are and hair spray and gently tease before clipping in my first piece. I usually start with a 4 clip piece and then use smaller clips as I move up my head. I rarely use the whole lot (they give you 10 x double drawn pieces) as I have a smaller head and like to use what fits for me comfortably.


If you would like more detail on how I clip these in and how I curl them, please comment and let me know I will write a more detailed how to. I hope this was helpful.


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