How To – Natural looking defined brows featuring ABH Brow Wiz

Brow wiz scribble

ABH brow wiz

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As I was reminded by one of my oldest and most brutally honest friends recently, I’ve had quite the journey with my brows.


They’ve always been sparse, caterpillar shaped and I was never thrilled with the results of my waxing and tinting. Recently though, I have been getting compliments on my brows almost daily (much to my delight, I don’t think there’s a more flattering compliment) and it’s made me want to share my routine for natural but defined brows.

Old brow pic

New brow pic

The first change I made was to switch to threading. I will never go back to waxing. Threading has perfected my brow shape which I always struggled with. I have never been dissatisfied walking out after my threading. I’ve found it to be extremely consistent and it’s actually cheaper (which is just an added bonus as I would still go if it was more expensive).


The second change I made was the products I was using on them. I initially started with a brow pomade which I did enjoy but found it was far too easy to go overboard which I have a tendency to do.


I then switched to the Brow Wiz by Anastasia Beverley Hills. I now can’t imagine using anything else. It’s a wind up retractable pencil with a very small fine tip. This makes it extremely easy to make small hair like strokes to fill in sparse areas. I use the colour taupe/ash blonde and always start by brushing through my brows with the spoolie end of the pencil. I brush all the hairs up and line the bottom on the brow to start making out my shape. Then I brush all the hairs down and do the same thing on the top, although I use a much lighter hand on the innermost beginning of the brow to get a less harsh look. I then continue to use small hair like strokes to fill in the shape and concentrate on the empty areas of my brow. I finish with finally brushing through the brow with the spoolie once more and end up with the below.

Brows before and after

Some like to clean up around the brow with concealer, I personally am too lazy for that day to day and am happy with it looking a little more messy for a more natural look rather than carved out perfection (although I also enjoy this).


Now I just finish up with a brow gel to keep unruly hairs in place and you are done!


Colour matching is extremely important with brows and I love these brow wiz pencils not only for their ease of use and pigment but also their colour range. They have a lot of colours that other brands seem to miss for example for colours suitable for redheads or more cool toned colours.

ABH Brow Wiz swatches

I always purchase mine off as it’s the cheapest I’ve been able to find (prices do vary) and I haven’t been able to find them in stores in Australia yet.


I hope you’ve found this helpful and try some new things with your brows. They can make a world of difference!


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