Morphe 35o Palette Review & Swatches

$22.99 USD/$34.51 AUD


Would I recommend? Yes

350 collage

I picked this up after much deliberation. I first saw this palette thanks to the beautiful and talented Jaclyn Hill, both in her snapchat and on her YouTube channel. However, I still wasn’t completely convinced that it wasn’t just her freak of nature skill with makeup that made this palette look so incredible. It also didn’t help that every time I went to look at it, it was sold out. Finally a makeup loving friend of mine let me know how much she loved hers and was even sweet enough to send me swatches to show me the real quality and pigment. Which obviously encouraged my makeup obsession and as soon as it was restocked and available I made it mine.


I purchased this off of, I paid $22.99 + $22.75 USD which ended up being $62.75 AUD. I think another reason it took me so long to purchase this was the shipping cost. I was so impressed with how affordable the actual palette was but when I saw the amount for shipping it just put me off. In the end I think I just decided it was still a really good deal if you think of it as its whole price and not the shipping. it did take about 3 weeks to arrive (I chose the cheapest shipping option) because of the amount of people buying these palettes but it was definitely worth the wait.


What I love about this palette:


The Colours

An array of extremely flattering warm chocolatey, fudgy browns and fiery intense tangerines without forgetting a few neutral or more cool toned shadows. Such an incredible variety of so many wearable shades! So many of these will look amazing on so many people and are probably some of the easiest colours to work with.



The pigment and blendability of these shadows out performs any higher end ones that I’ve used personally. I just use my finger for the shimmery lid shades and a fluffy blending brush with the huge variety of transition and crease matte shades.



I have been so excited to play with my eye makeup every day and have used nothing else since this arrived in the mail. It has made me a little more adventurous with colours and bold eyes but also has a huge number of colours that can be used for every day more natural looks.

Morphe 350 eyes

All that I can see that could be improved is the packaging. It feels flimsy, cheap and awkwardly big for travel. Having said that, I still prefer the price point and would choose better performing product over more impressive packaging any day.


I hope you found this helpful, scroll down for some swatches!


350 palette

Swatches 350 palette


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