NKD Body Tan Remover Scrub – Review

tan remover

$16.95 200g

Would I recommend? Yes





I absolutely love my fake tan. I have been doing is since high school and don’t see myself stopping any time soon (I am now almost 26). The only part that I don’t enjoy is the scrubbing away at your skin to remove it and the disgusting scaly skin you end up with if you don’t! I have been using coffee scrubs to remove my fake tan for at least a year and this is the next step up. To start with it smells like a delicious lemon dessert, which I definitely enjoy! It makes less mess than a coffee scrub in the shower and it definitely removed my tan more easily and effectively than anything else I’ve ever used. I was particularly excited by how easily it removed the tan from my knees where I always have trouble and end up with unattractive build up!

I used it in the shower with an exfoliating mitt as suggested on the website. I applied the scrub all over my body and I tried to leave it on for a few minutes to allow the ingredients to break down the tan then scrubbed away; alternating between up, down and circular motions moving from one section to the next. I feel I will get quite a lot of uses out of just one pouch as I definitely used less of the product than when I use coffee scrubs. The tan left my skin polished and in the perfect condition to apply my fake tan. I mention this because I do still prefer coffee scrubs for leaving my skin feeling amazingly soft and hydrated mostly from the oils that remain on the skin after use, but I found that if you apply tan straight onto that it doesn’t apply properly so I always waited a day to apply my tan.

The website was easy to use, has free shipping in AUS and arrived in 2 days. Also, A+ on the packaging which is not only cute but you can leave it in the shower and it won’t let water get into the scrub. I found this little gem through watching Brittney Lee Saunders on YouTube, snapchat & Instagram. This is her own brand and it is all natural, vegan, not tested on animals and is Australian made and owned! If you’ve never watched Brittney’s channel you are missing out as she is one of the most entertaining and down to earth relatable girls on YouTube, I particularly love her vlogs. I would definitely recommend and will be repurchasing.


TanRemover Insta


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